Like other time saving apps, tools designed to automate your booking calendar are a huge boon to busy small business owners.

Put an end to time-wasting telephone tag and those endless back and forth emails with any of these 4 popular scheduling apps.


Service professionals appreciate the simplicity of this handy appointment scheduling app, which allows them to share availability and manage appointments via Android, iOS and web apps – and even accept payment upfront, online or in person.

Setmore’s automated email and SMS appointment reminders decrease the incidence of no-shows, and users can sync their booking calendar with social integrations like Facebook and Instagram, their website, CRM, and a host of business integrations including Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

Check out this scheduling apps free service, as well as its Premium plan features priced at just US $25/month.


A free mobile-friendly polling app, Doodle is used by business owners looking for a flexible tool that allow for simple and timely feedback.

Like other appointment booking apps, Doodle syncs appointments to participants’ calendars (including Office 365, Outlook, iCal and more) – but with Doodle you can create a poll to find the “sweet spot” for the best possible meeting time among multiple users. The poll functionality also means you can use the app for more than just booking appointments such as requesting feedback on a recent seminar or determining what services are most important to your clients.

Although there are perks to upgrading to the premium version, such as customization and efficiency features, the free version of Doodle is quite sufficient for the average user. The private and business plans cost US$49 and US$69/month respectively.

Final Thoughts

Ready to improve productivity while saving yourself the headache of booking your calendar the old fashioned away?

A scheduling app is a sure fire way to vastly improve day-to-day operations, streamlining your work day, saving time and reducing costs.

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