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Does my Startup really need a Bookkeeper?

The straight answer? YES! One of the first things on your Startup list should be to hire an experienced Bookkeeper. An NCABooks Bookkeeper will not only provide these baseline services (bookkeeping, software advice) you require all year round, but so much more! They will help you reduce risk such as employment risk and ATO risk, [...]

2019-11-27T13:35:45+08:00November 27th, 2019|

Improving cash flow: How to get paid faster

  Maintaining positive cash flow can be challenging for small businesses, whether you’re just starting out or have been running your company for years. The difficulty often comes down to waiting for clients to pay their invoices. One or two chronic late payers cost valuable time and money when you have to chase them down; [...]

2019-11-13T15:00:20+08:00November 13th, 2019|
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